Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Well, just a quick one: apparently we're not pregnant this month. I'm ok with that though, because if next month works out, then I have a better chance at delivering around/on my mom's birthday (June 20th). My aunt's is the 21st, and my great-grandmother's is the 22nd, so anytime around then is great. I don't mind. I can wait!

Monday, June 28, 2010

New House. New Adventures

I love my new house! It's nothing big and fancy, but it works well for us. We're in a 3 car garage, 3 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom, 1260sqft house on 2.5 acres with horse pasture. Not bad if I do say so myself! We're discovering all the little things that need to be fixed, but we're slowly getting it all worked out. I think Dakota is enjoying all the freedom though, she can go anywhere she wants now instead of being cooped up in our bedroom at my father-in-law's. I like it too, I can finally relax and just enjoy myself. We got cable hooked up this week, and I got my mom's piano delivered yesterday (yay!). We're finally seeing grass in our front yard, which I am glad to have, although we're still working on it. We still have a lot of bare spots, but we'll just keep throwing seed and eventually it'll fill in, then we'll have a beautiful green lawn for Dakota to play on! The hard part has been that we have mostly hardpan out here, not much good soil for the grass to grow in. Dakota's birthday is coming up next month, and I have been wanting to get her a play set to climb on, so I'm going to be kicking butt trying to get the yard set up so she has a good area to play in. I know that she'd love to be able to go outside and play and climb and run.

Speaking of birthdays, I cannot believe that Dakota is almost 2. She is growing so quickly it's almost as if I see a change daily. She's even speaking more clearly! She's now using short phrases, and we can understand what she's wanting. Last night we went to visit a friend, and while we were sitting out on the patio Dakota got up and one of the dogs jumped into her seat. When she came back to her chair and saw the dog in it, she turned to Chad and said "Doggie took my seat." We were shocked, we've never taught her about that kind of thing, but she let us know very clearly what had happened. I'm very proud of her. She's a good kid who really loves her mommy, and most of the time she's happiest to cuddle and play with mom. I'm curious to see how she does as she really enters the "terrible two's" and if she's going to cause any big problems for me in the next year.

I'm extremely excited for Chad and I right now too. Last week we started a new business that has really taken off. It's called Uni-Rack, and it's making universal horse saddle racks and other equine/tack supplies. We're getting in touch will all the local feed/tack stores and businesses and working with them to sell our products. In just the last week we've done so well that we can't keep up with the demand, everybody that Chad has talked to has bought something, he's never been turned down! We're even going to the horse shows/roping competitions/rodeos, so I'm in heaven. I love getting to see all the horses! It's great. We're working on going national, if we can get an account with Tractor Supply Hardware, we'll be set. They have 1000 stores that sell tack supplies, and they'd stock each one with our stuff, so we're really excited. All we're working on are prices with them right now, so we're pretty sure that once we work them out we'll have them as one of our business accounts. Yay!!! Then we'll buy some property and build a house and set it up exactly as we'd like, with everything that we need and/or want.

I'm also getting ready to go back to Fresno City and finish my Associates Degree, I just have this one PE class to take, and then I'll be finished. I have to see if I can be added to this class that I want to take (it's by instructor's permission only), but if I can, then it's just 1 hour a week starting August 17th until December 14th. I'm excited to be getting so close, then I can say that I have my degree. I just hope that the instructor will let me join the class. It's called Adapted Fit and Flex, and it's supposedly like a yoga class, but it's taught by one of the dance instructors. I wanted something easy and relaxing that I could just do once or twice a week, and finish up what I need to all at once. If I can find a steady babysitter for the time that I'm at school, then I'll be so glad to finally do what I would like to and finish what has kinda been on hold for about four years now.
I'm really super excited about this bit of news: Chad and I are trying to have another baby! With the business doing so well, we decided now was a good time to start trying. He thinks I'm already pregnant, but I won't know for another two or three weeks. I can suspect by the third week, and know for sure by the fourth, so we have a few more to find out. I can't wait, I loved my pregnancy with Dakota, and I would love to have another chance to experience everything. Yes, even the morning sickness. It's not enjoyable at the time, but it's part of the experience, and it's so worth it in the end. I'm hoping I am already, it would put me due in...May or June, and both are great months for our family as far as birthdays go. My sisters are May 9th, and my mom is June 20th, my aunt is June 21st, and my great-grandmother is June 22nd. But I should know by the 20th of this month whether or not we're expecting, so stay tuned to know for sure!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Immature Mother in Law

Today has been funny. This past Sunday, we got a call from Chad's cousin, Robbie, who is living next door with Grandma Snavely. He was letting us know that my dog had been let out of the yard by Clovis Sheriff's Department. Robbie's girlfriend/wife (we're not entirely sure) apparently had a warrant out for her, and so they'd come looking around. Well, when they went in the backyard, they left the gate open, and my dog got out. So she took off down the street, and I finally got her back home. Anyway, the Sheriff's Department denied being in the backyard, but Robbie saw them out there, and there was no other way for the dog to get out unless the gate had been opened (we have hot wires everywhere!). So then the mystery was: who had called them to come out? Well, yesterday Chad called Verizon to check his mom's phone to see if she had called them. There has been a lot of stress between her and us, her and Robbie/Crysta, her and Grandma, her and everyone basically. Well, as it turned out, the number for the Sheriff was right there, plain to see on the call history list. So when Blaine, my father in law, confronted her about it, she had no way to prove it wasn't her. But, being her, she denied it anyway and is now throwing a hissy fit. She brought her box in for Dish Network today, and set it on Blaine's coffee table with a note that said "I have $100 to my name. I will return the phone (her cell phone) when I buy a pay phone. I'm fed up with all the BS." I just had to laugh! She causes all this controversy, and this is how she reacts?! Well, my first thought was "Well, if she hadn't done anything, why get rid of her phone?" My second thought was "There's less money for Blaine to have to spend on her." He supports her 100% after being divorced for over 30 years. When she lost her house 4 years ago, he told her she could put a trailer out back and live here for a few months until she got back on her feet. Needless to say, she never got back on her feet and is still here. So now she's throwing a hissy fit for being caught red handed! LOL!!!

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