Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Well, just a quick one: apparently we're not pregnant this month. I'm ok with that though, because if next month works out, then I have a better chance at delivering around/on my mom's birthday (June 20th). My aunt's is the 21st, and my great-grandmother's is the 22nd, so anytime around then is great. I don't mind. I can wait!

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Chad and Ashley met in August of 2007 in Pismo Beach, CA, but the time just wasn't right for anything more than friends. By the end of October a relationship was started, and by Christmas a family was being planned, even though they weren't even engaged yet. They found out they were pregnant Jan. 25, 2008, and September 30, 2008 Dakota Lyn Snavely was born at 4:21am. On March 28, 2009 Chad and Ashley were married in Pismo. They are now expecting a baby boy June 15, 2011. The family lives in Clovis, CA.